From Design-Bid-Build to Public-Private­ Partnerships, we use our international project procurement experience to ensure your project is delivered efficiently and as you envisioned it.

At GZ, we understand the complexity and importance of the procurement process for the successful implementation and execution of underground projects. We also understand that every project is unique and subject to its own set of time, financial, and regulatory constraints. No matter who our client is or where the project is, we provide the framework needed to deliver underground construction projects efficiently, successfully, and to the satisfaction of the owner.


International Project Delivery Experience

Our international experience has provided us with the opportunity to observe firsthand which different project delivery methods are practiced worldwide, and what these mean to a project. Whether our clients intend to procure their projects using traditional methods, to fast track certain contracts using Design/Build approaches or even if they envision a public-private partnership as a way to finance their goals, we have seen and been part of it all. The decades of experience that we provide our clients not only provides an overview of which project procurement options are most favored worldwide but provides our clients with the knowledge necessary to make a decision concerning which type of contract best fits a project’s needs, wherever it may be.

Step-By-Step Procurement Assistance

Our procurement services do not stop once the delivery method has been decided. We know how complex contracts for large infrastructure projects can be, and we know how to develop contracts that ensure that our client’s ideas and vision are communicated clearly. Our services make certain that our clients’ project gets responsive and competitive bids from the right contractors right from the start. Once the bids have been placed, our bid support and review services will ensure that the best contractor’s proposal is selected, even if our clients decide to make last-minute scope and design changes during procurement. We are always available to provide expert services to review and improve bid documents at any time during the process.

In addition to providing pre-bid, post-bid, and bid support services, our Procurement Services include:

  • Preparation of Evaluation & Selection Criteria for Contract Award
  • Review and Preparation of Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Contract Administration
  • Development of Scope of Services
  • Evaluation of Alternative Proposals
  • Evaluation of Scope & Design Changes during the Procurement Phase
  • Constructability and Value Engineering Reviews
  • Review of Construction Cost Estimates & Schedules
  • Review of Contractor’s Proposals
  • Contract negotiations
  • Preparation of Responses to Bidder’s Questions and of Addenda and conformed Documents