Deep Excavation and Slope Support

Our engineering services are not just performed underground - we use our geotechnical expertise to design stable and long-lasting slope and excavation support systems.

Our business is built around our thorough understanding of geotechnical and geological conditions, and this understanding extends to more than just tunnels. Our experts use their knowledge and experience of how soft soils and hard rock respond to excavation to provide a full range of slope stability and support-of-excavation solutions, from the development of support designs for new slopes or excavations to the design of remediation measures for existing slope instabilities or post-slope failures.


Diverse Project Experience

The accumulated worldwide experience of our international staff has provided us with the opportunity to observe and work on a wide variety of projects in a wide array of ground conditions first-hand. Our project experience ranges from tunnel and underground portals to roadway embankments and to the design of the support of walls in deep excavations, cut and cover structures and open pit mines. We provide slope stability engineering in any number of geological, geotechnical, or hydrological conditions including tectonically active environments.

Expert Slope Stability Analyses

Our experience in the field is supplemented by our technical capabilities in the office and field. We begin our slope and excavation designs by using available geotechnical information to accurately model the physics that control a slope’s stability and to investigate potential failure modes. The results of these in-depth analyses allow our engineers to not only develop slope excavation sequences and support arrangements for new slopes, but to understand the causes and behavior of existing slope failures as well. By combining our broad experience with our technical know-how, we provide our clients with support solutions that are efficient, easily implementable, and that provide permanent safety and stability for our client’s project.