Mine Support

Our team of experienced mining engineers and geologists will provide solutions to mine project challenges at all stages of development, from conception through construction to production.

As the world’s readily accessible ore and resource deposits decrease, mine project complexity has increased with respect to accessing the ore deposits, environmental considerations, and proximity to sensitive settings or residential areas. Having the support of an experienced team to navigate and provide novel solutions to challenges, from the exploration and prospecting phase through to construction and production, is critical to the success of a mine. Our experienced team of mining engineers and geologists will work to ensure a successful project, meeting project challenges and timelines to advance to production as quickly and safely as possible.

Geology and Mine Stability

Our team will support your needs and objectives including:

  • Front End Studies (Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility )
  • Mine Access, Infrastructure and Construction Support Services
  • Geotechnical and Ground Investigations
  • Site Geotechnical Engineering
  • Mine Design and Planning Studies
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Hydrogeology and Groundwater Studies
  • Ground Improvement
  • Pit & Underground Dewatering/De-pressurization
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Mining Risk Assessment
  • Seismic Engineering


Mine Access, Infrastructure and Construction Support Services

Many ore deposits require long access tunnels or declines and stringent environmental impact considerations. Our experience encompasses developing mine access tunnel alternatives, cost assessments, construction schedule, tunneling methodologies, etc. while accounting for local environmental requirements. Our experience is not limited to the engineering and design aspect, but include assisting with the procurement process, the development and assembly of bid documentation, and a criteria-based assessment of bidding contractors. We also provide Construction Management and Construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance services, with experienced on-site personnel.


Ground Investigation and Geotechnical Testing

We have a team of experienced geologists and geotechnical engineers who can assist with the design and implementation of ground investigation programs for mines and the associated infrastructures. We can design the necessary testing program and prepare formal reports and documentation, including 3-Dimensional geological models of the project’s ground conditions. Our capabilities extend to formalization of ground conditions through development of baseline ground parameters and conditions.


Mine Slope Stability Assessment and Engineering

Our team of geotechnical and structural engineers can provide ground evaluation and risk assessment with numerical modelling for potential slope instabilities and provide suitable designs. They can also design mitigation and restoration efforts in case of a slope failure.


Mine Infrastructure Rehabilitation

As new processing technologies increase the life-span of existing mines’ aging infrastructures critical to production such as access tunnels, shafts, caverns, etc., requiring rehabilitation to extend their service life. GZ has extensive experience in rehabilitation of underground structures and can provide innovative solutions to extend the life of the mine, while minimizing impact to mining operation and its production.