Our dedicated team of experts are authors and co-authors of several technical papers on the subject of tunneling and geotechnical engineering.

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Design and Construction Challenges of SEM Construction in Urban Area: Chinatown Station, San Francisco, CA

Synopsis: Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) is being used more and more in urban settings in soft ground, mixed ground conditions,

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Structural Forces in Segmental Linings: Process-Oriented Tunnel Advance Simulations vs. Conventional Structural Analysis

Synopsis: Tunnel linings are designed to permanently fulfill basic structural, serviceability and durability requirements throughout the lifetime of a tunnel.

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Utilization of Underground Space Promotes Urban Development

Synopsis: In the last few decades, underground space became increasingly important for the development of societies. Population growth, growth of

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Modern Urban Tunnelling – Responding to Social Needs

Synopsis: Urban Tunnelling requires handling of a wide range of ground conditions and multiple challenges generated by work access constraints,

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Conventional Tunneling in Urban Areas

Synopsis: Conventional tunneling as defined by ITA’s Working Group 19 is often referred to as New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM);

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The Gateway Program – The Hudson River Tunnel Project in New York, New Jersey

Synopsis: The Northeast Corridor (NEC) represents one of the most heavily traversed regions in the United States. Between Amtrak and

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Shallow SEM Tunneling with Limited Clearance to Existing Structures: Design, Construction and Observations

Synopsis: The excavation and initial lining has just been successfully completed for the Downtown Bellevue Tunnel using Sequential Excavation Methods

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SCMAGLEV – Fast and Innovative Mode of Transportation in the Northeast Corridor – Tunneling Challenges

Synopsis: The Northeast Corridor Superconducting Maglev Project (SCMAGLEV) entails con­struction of a high-speed train system between Washington, D.C. and New

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