Alternatives and Value Engineering

GZ's value engineering and alternative design services ensure that project requirements are met with economical and time-saving solutions without the need to sacrifice quality.

An engineering project may have many solutions, but some solutions are better than others, and the best solutions are not always obvious. Value Engineering requires thorough evaluation of the existing concept or design, extensive knowledge of techniques and materials, and considerable experience. At GZ, we use our extensive experience with planning, designing, and constructing underground structures to evaluate and determine the most cost-effective and best technical approach for underground construction and tunneling projects. Whether this means that we provide alternative design options for projects in their early conceptual phases, bring in innovative techniques to increase construction efficiency, or introduce new technologies to improve maintenance and operation, we provide our clients with confidence that they are getting the best product for their investment.

Innovative and Functional Solutions Every Step of the Way

We believe that the design and construction of a major underground structure is an iterative process. Changes may be made at any point and must often be made as a result of new time constraints, cost constraints, and/or the availability of technology and materials. GZ works with our clients and our partners to not only select the best project ideas early on, but make sure that projects are implemented using innovative, constructible and functional solutions that result in project cost savings as well as a high quality product. We offer support every step of the way, from feasibility, through design, construction and operation. Even if a change is not necessary, every project milestone is an opportunity to add value to the product and to make sure that the project continues to progress on-time and on-budget.

Intelligent solutions to complex problems for underground infrastructure can only be achieved through coordinated interdisciplinary collaboration. At GZ we encourage, participate in, and lead value engineering workshops & expert review panels as part of the value engineering and alternative design process. In addition to this, our value engineering services include:

  • Evaluation and recommendations for cost and program reduction for underground projects
  • Development and review of Value Engineering Change Proposals for Design-Bid-Build and Design/Build projects
  • Development of Design alternatives to improve project’s service life and reduce operational & maintenance costs