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Riyadh Metro Project Package 1

Riyadh Development Authority (RDA)

The Riyadh Metro Project, implemented by Riyadh Development Authority (RDA), former ADA, consists of elevated rail, rail at grade and underground running tunnels and stations. The project encompasses six lines split into three packages totalling 176 km of rail line and 85 stations.

Design Services for Conventional Tunnelling Structures

Gall Zeidler Consultants (GZ) is working for the BACS Consortium on Package 1 which includes 9.9 and 1.25 miles (16 and 2 kilometres) of running tunnels in Line 1 and Line 2 respectively, 13 Emergency Egress Shafts including 2 shafts which serve as both Ventilation and Emergency Egress Shafts, and the relating Adits. GZ is responsible for the material and workmanship specifications, detailed and construction design for temporary and permanent works of all conventionally mined running tunnels, Emergency Egress Shafts and Adits, Ventilation Shafts, TBM tunnel lining and support frames at junctions/openings/portals as well as two TBM Launch Shafts. GZ also provides site support services during construction. The tunnels, adits and shafts are completed.

The geology along Line 1 and line 2 comprises a thick, fractured and disturbed succession of limestone layers of Jurassic limestone and Anhydrite, with two layers of locally highly disturbed Breccia. Along the alignment, deep quaternary deposits (alluvium) are observed above the Jurassic Strata. The water table is close to ground surface.


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


2012 – Present


Underground Metro Line, tunnels, shafts, and ancillary structures


Line 1 & 2: 63 kilometers; approximately 19 kilometer tunnels


NATM Running Tunnels - 10.8 meter width, 8.6 meter height; 10m DIA TBM running tunnels


Limestone with Evaporites (Sulaya, Arab, and Jubaila formations), high permeability, and solution features


Line 1 & 2: Approximately $12.0 billion


Civil Works Joint Venture (BACS Consortium: Bechtel, Almabani, CCC, and Siemens)


Riyadh Development Authority (RDA)