Our dedicated team of experts are authors and co-authors of several technical papers on the subject of tunneling and geotechnical engineering.

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Controlling Risk of Tunneling Projects Implemented by Alternative Delivery Method

Synopsis: The unpredictability inherent in underground projects and the accelerated pace of design-build or P3 tunnel projects can result in

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Design and Construction Challenges in Urban Settings for the NATM Tunnels’ Line 2 of the Riyadh Metro

Synopsis: The Riyadh Metro Project entails the construction of six new lines. ArRiyadh Development Authority, the executive arm of the

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SCMAGLEV Project—Fast and Innovative Mode of Transportation in the Northeast Corridor

Synopsis: The Northeast Corridor Superconducting Maglev Project (SCMAGLEV) entails construction of a high-speed train system between Washington, D.C. and New

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Risk Reduction, Management, and Mitigation from Experience‑Based Learning During Construction of Cross Passages, Seattle, Washington

Synopsis: Cross passages are critical elements in transit and highway tunnels, providing a means of safe emergency egress between adjacent

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Conventional Tunneling in Difficult Grounds

Synopsis: Conventional tunneling as defined by ITA’s Working Group 19 is being used more and more in difficult grounds. This

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3D Numerical Parametric Study of the Influence of Open-Pit Mining Sequence on Existing Tunnels

Synopsis: The development of open-pit mines can adversely affect and even damage existing access tunnels. To ensure the safety and

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Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing: Challenges, Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Synopsis: The 13.2 m external diameter double deck Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing is one of the most challenging underwater

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Recent Trends in Conventional Tunneling (SEM/NATM) in the US

Synopsis: Conventional tunneling as defined by ITA WG19 is also known as the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) or Sequential

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