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  • Urban Tunneling
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Modern Urban Tunnelling – Responding to Social Needs


Urban Tunnelling requires handling of a wide range of ground conditions and multiple challenges generated by work access constraints, settlement sensitive structures, as well as testing socio economic needs such as limitations to noise and dust emissions as well as impact on traffic. Such projects and their bespoke technical solutions come at a price. The realisation of large‐scale urban infrastructure projects is often accompanied by intensive discussions about the cost in support of the social need for such projects. This article provides socio‐economic reasoning for major urban infrastructure projects and insight in selected technical solutions that are required to realise these projects in urban settings.

Geomechanik Kolloquium 2019
Geomechanik und Tunnelbau 12(5): 434-439
October 10 – 11, 2019, Salzburg, Austria (Zeidler, K. & Gall, V.)

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