• 2016
  • Tunnel Rehabilitation
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Innovative Rehabilitation Approach for Overstressed Existing Linings Using an Adaptable Yielding Support System


Yielding support systems for application in underground construction have a long history, primarily in mining. Typical examples are tunnels subject to loading conditions that lead to overstressing of the newly installed support or existing tunnel structures in active fault zones. Recent applications for tunnel rehabilitation projects unveiled the capabilities and flexibility of combined yielding support systems presented in this paper.

Frequently, the main requirements for tunnel rehabilitation applications are a fast, safe, and simple installation along with the need for flexibility with regards to existing tunnel geometries. A combined support system consisting of steel sets with yielding connections and special groutable hoses has proven to be an efficient support measure providing a multitude of advantages compared to conventional rehabilitation approaches. The presented yielding support system provides an immediate and active support, while it allows for controlled yielding upon experiencing loads beyond its support capacity.

2016 World Tunnel Congress and 42nd ITA General Assembly Proceedings
April 22-28, 2016, San Francisco, CA (Nitschke, A. G., Dolsak, W., Gall, V., & Ossenb├╝hl, I.)
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