• 2003
  • Tunnel Rehabilitation
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Bergen Tunnels Rehabilitation – A Success After All


2001, the New Jersey Transit Authority commissioned the JV Merco-Obayashi with the rehabilitation contract of the approximately 130-year-old, 4,200 ft long, partially brick- lined Bergen North Tunnel. The contract entailed the tunnel enlargement, shotcrete and rock dowels initial support according to the NATM, a waterproofing system, tunnel drainage and a cast-in-place concrete lining. The rock conditions encountered required design adaptations and significant modifications of the initial tunnel support. Flexibility, skill and extensive experience on the Authority’s and Contractor’s side finally lead to a success. This paper describes the operations and design modifications carried out.

Bergen Tunnels Rehabilitation – A Success After All
2003 RETC Conference Proceedings
June 16-18, 2003
New Orleans, Louisiana