Our dedicated team of experts are authors and co-authors of several technical papers on the subject of tunneling and geotechnical engineering.

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Lessons Learned from NATM Design and Construction of the Caldecott Fourth Bore

Synopsis: The Caldecott Fourth Bore is a 15.2 m wide (50 ft), 1,036 m long (3,399 ft) highway tunnel with

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Prediction of Behavior of Structures Due to Large Bore EPBM Tunneling at the Port of Miami

Synopsis: The Port of Miami Tunnel Project (POMT) consists of twin Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machine (EPBM) tunnels excavated

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Non-Disruptive Alternatives for Grade Separation Projects in Urban Settings Using Very Shallow Conventional Tunneling

Synopsis: The construction of the approximately 520 meter long, twin soft ground single-track Metrorail guideway tunnels at Tysons Corner, Virginia

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Use of Synthetic, Fiber-Reinforced, Initial Shotcrete Lining at Devil’s Slide Tunnel Project in California

Synopsis: Fiber-reinforced shotcrete is widely used as a temporary excavation support in the construction of transportation tunnels and in other

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Contractor Implementation of SEM Tunneling and Comparison Between Design and Observed Ground Conditions, Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Synopsis: The Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore was mined using Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) tunneling. The SEM design identified 18 Rock

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Real-Time Monitoring for Very Shallow Tunneling in Urban Settings

Synopsis: Implementation of “Real-Time” monitoring at Tysons Corner was a success for multiple reasons. The “Real-Time” monitoring not only assisted

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Makings Space In Urban Areas – The Bond Street Station Upgrade Project

Synopsis: The implementation of modern tunnelling techniques combined with state of the art logistic means for operating a construction site

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Considerations for Very Shallow Conventional (SEM) Tunneling in Urban Settings

Synopsis: Construction of shallow mined tunnels is frequently undertaken by use of conventional tunneling known as the Sequential Excavation Method

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