• 2017
  • Modeling (2D and 3D)
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3D Numerical Parametric Study of the Influence of Open-Pit Mining Sequence on Existing Tunnels


The development of open-pit mines can adversely affect and even damage existing access tunnels. To ensure the safety and serviceability of them, it is essential to know potential adverse effects of the mining sequence on existing tunnels such as displacements of the lining and additional loads on the lining. In this paper, three-dimensional numerical parametric study is performed to explore this complex interaction.

This study investigates the effects of different parameters that may affect the tunnel response. These parameters are: excavation sequence method, horizontal/vertical stress ratio, slope angle, and tunnel diameter. This study shows that the mining sequence affects the stability of the tunnels. The open-pit mining activities lead to both higher axial forces in rock bolts and normal forces and bending moments in the lining. The results of the analysis also demonstrate that the mining sequence causes tunnel heave and significant tensile forces in the lining. Based on the study in this paper a better understanding of the interaction between open-pit mining sequence and tunnels will be obtained.

International Journal of Mining Science and Technology 27 (2017): 459–466
April 10, 2017, (Beyabanaki, A. R. & Gall, V.)

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