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Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade

Halcrow Group Limited

The Tottenham Court Road Station is being upgraded to increase capacity so as to better accommodate current and future commuter needs. At the same time, the upgrade will minimize passenger journey time and improve the quality of access within the station. The upgrade will include a new concourse tunnel, escape tunnels, cross passages, interchange tunnel, and connector stub tunnels.


Independent Category 3 Design Check of SCL / NATM Tunnels:

Gall Zeidler Consultants was responsible for conducting a Category 3 Independent Design Check of the Sprayed Concrete Lining / New Austrian Tunneling Method (SCL / NATM) for the project. This check included evaluating the geotechnical conditions and design parameters, construction sequences, excavation and support details, construction details, numerical analyses, waterproofing details, monitoring proposals and a review of the designer’s hazard and risk assessments.


London, United Kingdom


2008 – 2011


Concourse Tunnel, Cross Passages, Escape Tunnels, Stub Tunnels, Interchange Tunnel


Concourse Tunnel: 34.5 feet (10.5 meters) Wide, 35.5 feet (10.8 meters) High
Cross Passages: 16.5 feet (5 meters) Wide, 20 feet (6 meters) High


Escape Tunnels: 16.5 – 20 feet (5 – 6.5 meters) Wide, 19 – 20 feet (5.8 – 6 meters) High


Fill, Terrace Gravels, London Clay, Lambeth Group


Estimated US $176 Million


Halcrow Group Limited


London Underground, Ltd. (LUL)