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South Ferry Terminal Project

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) – New York City Transit (NYCT)

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and MTA Capital Construction (MTACC) constructed the new South Ferry Terminal for the No. 1 Subway underneath Peter Minuit Plaza in Lower Manhattan, adjacent to Battery Park.

South Ferry Terminal Project Waterproofing Leakage Assessment:

During the latter part of its construction, the South Ferry Underground Station and adjoining ancillary structures and tunnels experienced water leakage into the finished underground space. MTACC engaged Gall Zeidler Consultants (GZ) to review the leakage manifested in view of the waterproofing system chosen. The waterproofing system utilized consists of a combination of thin adhesive High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membrane sheets (Preprufe) in the inverts and on sidewalls and bituminous sheets (Bituthene) on the roof. In their analysis, GZ reviewed the waterproofing design and design detailing in view of construction versus support of excavation and final concrete structure, its installation along with particular construction characteristics of South Ferry civil underground work and quality assurance and control measures implemented on site.

The review work was closely coordinated with MTACC and NYCT representatives and concluded in a findings report that was utilized by MTA in presentations to a Dispute Review Board (DRB).


New York City, New York


2008 – 2010


Terminal Station, Approach Tunnel, and Reconstruction of Fan Plant


1,340 feet (408.4 meters)


Width Varies from 35 – 54 feet (10.7 – 16.5 meters)
Height Varies from 15 – 50 feet (4.6 – 15.2 meters)


Manhattan Schist Underlying Soils and Fill Material


Approximately $530 Million


Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Construction (MTACC)


Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) – New York City Transit (NYCT)