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Pagiriai Anhydrite Dimension Stone Project


Margasmilte has been granted the rights to mine anhydrite of the Pagiriai Anhydrite Deposit, located outside the town of Pagiriai in the Kedainiai District Municipality, Kaunas County, Lithuania. Construction will involve an approximately 2,125 m (1.32 miles), steeply grading, decline access TBM tunnel as well as a ventilation shaft. The decline tunnel will be constructed through water-bearing unconsolidated/consolidated sands and clays to reach the gypsum/anhydrite deposit.

TBM Feasibility and Contractor Procurement:

Gall Zeidler Consultants (GZ) was retained by SRK and then Margasmilte to provide a feasibility assessment of TBM technologies for the anticipated ground conditions of the Pagiriai Anhydrite Project and technical input for project procurement and development of RFP documents. For the feasibility study, GZ evaluated application of different TBM technologies to the anticipated ground conditions, performed a gap analysis of the existing geotechnical information, and provided conceptual advance rates for the TBM and shaft alternatives, and an associated high level cost analysis. For the procurement stage, GZ will be providing input throughout the process including Contractor outreach, development of the RFP documents, providing technical review of proposals and ranking of all proposals and interviewing the submitting teams.


Pagiriai, Lithuania


2021 - Present


TBM Decline Access Tunnel Ventilation Shaft


Tunnel: ~2.125 km (1.32 miles)
Shaft: ~330 m (~1,085 ft) depth


Tunnel: 5.6 m ID
Shaft: 3.0 m ID


Quaternary clays and sands, Cretaceous sands, Jurassic sands, Triassic clay; Gypsum/Anhydrite; Five (5) discrete groundwater aquifers


SRK Consulting, Margasmilte