Potomac River Tunnel Project Breaks Ground

The groundbreaking of the Potomac River Tunnel Project (PRT) was marked as the official start of construction last month at a ceremony hosted by DC Water. The PRT is the next major combined sewer overflow (CSO) control project that is part of the overall DC Clean Rivers Program. The PRT consists of a large-diameter deep tunnel under the Potomac River, seven CSO diversion facilities, drop shafts, and support structures to capture flows from existing CSOs along the Potomac River and convey them to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

With project completion in 2030, the 5.5-mile long Potomac River Tunnel will provide a 93% reduction in the volume of CSOs to the Potomac River in an average year of rainfall.

Gall Zeidler Consultants (GZ) is part of the Construction Management team and presently is providing on-site environmental compliance management services and will provide resident engineering and inspection services when tunnelling starts.

GZ has been involved in the DC Clean Rivers Program since 2012 when GZ first provided tunnel design services and site support services for the Anacostia River Tunnel Project.

We look forward to supporting DC Waters on every step of the way to the full success of the project.

For the entire Press Release by DC Water please visit this page.

Groundbreaking at the Potomatic River Tunnel Project Site on May 21, 2024.